I am an idiot - but still need your help! Access to WP Admin has disappeared (1 post)

  1. kslitserv
    Posted 5 years ago #

    Hi there, I am hoping somebody out there will have made the same mistake as me – or at least know how to put it right!

    I am new to WordPress and set up a basic site, which was fine and looked Ok but the web address http://www.ksliteraryservices.com was coming up as the Home Page/blog page, with the secondary option on the menu being Katharine Smith Literary Services and associated sub pages – which is the page I really wanted people to see when they enter my web address.
    I (stupidly) thought I would play around a bit and try and sort this out. In the ‘settings’ option (I think), I changed the WordPress url to the page address for this (something like http://www.ksliteraryservices.com/?page 19) and now when you enter my web address you do get the text I set but it looks RUBBISH, and it also has a comments box, plus some other text regarding coding. When I try to log back into the admin page it just takes me back to this as well. Which does kind of make sense and I realise I was an idiot but I just want to know how I can re-set it, also if possible, how do I do what I originally set out to do.
    I have been reading about phpMyAdmin but a bit scared of making things even worse...
    Does this make sense? Can anybody help??

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