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  • i am new to this whole internet, wordpress thing. anyone willing to help a newbie get started in this internet world

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  • that’s a tall order. what have you got so far?

    i have completely messed up my website my images are not where they are suppose to be and i have a blackscreen that once upon a time had a slide show my links are not correct its a mess

    looks like you either made some progress or I’m not seeing what you are describing. Which issue would you like to fix first?

    i would like to fix the pictures first i want to upload each image to each different post

    Not sure exctly what you mean, but after looking, I think maybe your theme has featured images in the posts, and you are also trying to insert the same image in the post. ?

    deepbevel- would you be kind enough to answer a couple of my questions???? (also a newbie- not wanting to hijack snacks post

    please post another thread and I’ll see what I can do. I’ll still be kind. Enough. (haha)

    I need help please ! I need to know if anyone can help I cannot see my post, and I’m having problems uploading images. There is a sign where I would like my images to be viewed as a slide show but I have no idea how to set it up can someone help me please?

    I never got a responce from your last request.

    Your slider is getting posts, but no featured images. You probably have to set featured images for your posts if you want those images to appear in the slider.

    Some of your posts appear to have blank embedded images. You may have to re embed those.

    If you use the same images for embeds as featured images, try not using embeded images, and make the featured image bigger in single.php

    <?php the_post_thumbnail('medium');?>

    what is the problem with your image uploads? do some upload but not others?

    Hey I wanted to say thanks for your answers,I’m still learning my way around this thing. Hey when I post a blog from my website,how do I know if I have any readers are reading them?

    The media library is confusing to new users. The images you upload to a post are associated with the post as an “attachment”, But they are not part of the post. they exist in the media library, independent of any posts or pages.

    When you insert the image in the post or page, it’s just code which calls the image from the media library, not the image code itself.

    The embed code is static, it will not change if you make changes to the image settings, you have to re embed new code with your changes.

    if you replace an image with the same file name, your embed code will get the new image, but the old image settings will still be applied and may not work right with your new image.

    If you delete an a post or page that has images, the images remain in the media library.

    Likewise, if you delete image embed code, the image remains in the media library.

    It all makes sense after a while..

Viewing 12 replies - 1 through 12 (of 12 total)
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