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  • This is the site i am having trouble with:

    As you can see the side bar is being pushed down under all of the posts…. i cannot figure this out for the life of me, and i would really like to get my side bar back on the right side.

    Any suggestions?

    Thanks a lot guys, i really appreciate the help.

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  • Try searching the forum for the solution. This question has been asked and answered NUMEROUS times and your solution is there, I’m sure. And now that the forum search finally works again after months of being broken . . .

    What should i search for? When i said newbie, i was not kidding! LOL.

    At the least, I have found out the cause for the push down is the yoga post “Yoga to Start Things”. I tried saving that as a draft and my sidebar came back up, so i know its something int hat post that is causing the problem, just not sure what it is.

    Strangely when i goto the yoga post directly the side bar is not pushed down at all. .. but the content is the same! even less.

    hmmmm…. maybe this is not a CSS question?




    you search for the problem:

    sidebar pushed down ,
    (for instance)

    the same way you would use any search tool.

    Here is the answer
    SOME HOW an extra ‘<div align=”left”>’ was inserted as the FIRST text in my post’s html. Dont ask me why, but this was pushing the side bar down.

    I checked some of my other blogs and noticed that the entire post is always encapsulated by ‘ALL POST HTML AND DATA’ so basically all i did was strip off the div tags and replace them with P.

    I found this out by running the w3 validator against my site, it said that div align = left is not allowed…

    I think this is a bug in wordpress’ wysiwyg editor. Anyways, BLAM! Problem solved, thanks for pointing me in the right direction guys.




    “I found this out by running the w3 validator against my site”

    ..and wouldnt it have been a good thing to have done that before anything else. ;}

    Yes but i didnt know it even existed until a few days ago. No need to be a dick man. i read “WordPress Support” and figured this is where i could go to get help, not flamed.

    Il est illegal de nourrir les animaux sauvage…or…in other words, don’t feed the trolls.


Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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