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    I just love this theme, and it will be perfect for the website I want to make.

    I have never ever used WordPress before, I am such a beginner.
    And, oh what a beginner… I cant even get this simple thing to work.

    I downloaded the theme, great. But I can not get to look like I want. I may need a WordPress-theme-Spun-for-dummies-tutorial, I know (but when I upload a different theme it work ok).

    But I really want the “circles”. Cant get that to work. I made several different pages and thought the “circle thing” to solve it self, but no. And I really dont understand what went wrong.

    Do I need to upload picures direct into the “circles”? And where do I do that?

    Anyone out there who can explain like you would to a small child? I dont know any of the lingo so to speak..

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  • hmm, added the text, didnt delete the picture yet. Seams like we have a small space to work with…


    Ok. Deleted both.

    I would prefer to have my logo in the handwritten looking font, will give that a go again.
    Any advice?

    Do you guys know how to get the circles to link with pages instead of Posts?

    @narbaitz: not possible in easy way i think u have to hack a lot the theme

    @eijkan: i do not understand u want text or image??

    Image in the circles. It works ok now, ok to use posts insted of pages.

    But could be good to know anyway, I might change my mind.

    Thank you guys! I really appreciate all the help!!!

    AND image as the logo, wich is a image with text but in another font… clear?

    FIND THIS in style.css ( apparence-> editor )

    #masthead img {
    float: left;
    margin-right: 1em;
    max-height: 75px;
    width: auto;


    #masthead img {
    float: left;
    margin-right: 1em;
    //max-height: 75px;
    //width: auto;

    UPLOAD A BIG LOGO at least 300 or 400 of width
    do this and let me know and i can take a look again

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    Sorry, wrong thread.

    Changed the code, but I do not have access to Photoshop or any program where I can remake and enlarge my logo.

    When I upload it to wordpress it’s just very tiny and does not really look like my original… To idea to change the font i WordPress I guess, other computerns wont be able to see the font since it is not a common one?

    u have to download a plugin :

    WordPress Font Uploader Free

    and set it

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    @alocin82 was on the right track with this, but you can’t use double-slashes to comment out CSS. This should remove the width/height restriction on the masthead image and allow it to display at whatever size you upload:

    #masthead img {
      max-height: none;

    Add the above to a CSS plugin (like Jetpack) or child theme. Fair warning, I don’t know how this will affect the rest of the layout, since the header isn’t designed to accomodate a larger image. You may need to make additional changes to the CSS to make it look like you want. I recommend using Firebug for work like this–makes it much easier.

    @caroline Thanks 🙂



    I have a short question if I may 🙂

    I love the theme, just one thing bothering me, the text colors in my posts and menu are just too light and somehow I just can’t seem to change it in the css. I tried replacing #999 with #000 but no results.
    It must be a little thing I’m overlooking…hope one can help me out…took a long time to find this theme, would be a shame if I had to drop it just because of the text colors.

    p.s…happy holidays!

    How do I change the default opacity of the Circles on the Spun Theme?



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    @caramella and @danathese forums really work much better if you start your own threads. You’ll also be more likely to get help that way – as unanswered threads are more likely to be answered by people helping out here. It will also help people help you if you include a link to your site in your new thread post(s).

Viewing 15 replies - 16 through 30 (of 39 total)
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