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    I was working on my new website, and for some reason I clicked on the “GENERAL” settings and typed in a different URL than the actual URL wordpress site I was working on. Reason why I did that is because my web designer was working on building a new website using a URL that I wanted to change over. So I took it upon myself to go in the “GENERAL” settings and replaced the original URL of the site and put down another URL.

    Now not only can I not login to that website, but the ENTIRE website design and theme has crashed. Whenever I try to login to it, it keeps on taking me back to the new URL that I put down. I’m so lost here! Can anyone help????? Thank you!!!!

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  • Hi Amy,

    Do you have access to your database, via PhpMyAdmin for example? You should find information on how to access your database in an email from your hosting provider.

    Now access the database (using the username and pass mentioned in wp-config.php), click the database name to the left of the screen and then find wp-options. Find the explore/edit button and just change the faulty url to the right one. Save.

    Now visit your website, go to Settings, General and check if everything is in order. Depending on the theme you may need to adjust the Home navigation url as well.

    Good luck!

    I’m a newbie at all of this so I’m a bit clueless here and my web designer hasn’t really helped much. That’s why I took it upon myself to see if I can work things out on my own, but I only made it worse. First of all, thank you for your help!

    As for having access to my database, I’m not familiar with all that techie language but I do have access to where everything is stored on my godaddy account, is that what you mean? I see all the FTP files for all of my websites stored in there I just don’t know what to do to fix it. For instance this is the website that I was working on. It was almost finished until I changed the original URL in the general settings on that website and now look at it… totally messed up! I can’t even login as the admin to that site anymore since it keeps on re-directing me to one of my other websites.

    So are you suggesting that I login to my GoDaddy account and click on the database for this account and I can fix it from there???? Thank u much! Sorry I’m a newbie and my web designer isn’t doing much to help out. I’m stressed because I’m on a tight deadline to finishing this site for a client. Thanks!


    Thanks! I was able to login to my PhpAdmin but now I can’t go any further because I just clicked on that new link you posted up and the first step it said was to “BACK UP FILES” and that’s what I did, so now I have to wait about 2 hours before doing anything else… but thanks for your help! I hope I am able to get everything back in order again.

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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