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  • Hey guys,

    I noticed that the table doesn’t work for any heading that contains a hyphen (“-“).
    What I mean by “doesn’t work” is:
    Everything gets displayed correctly within the table, but clicking on the headings with hyphens doesn’t actually jump / scroll to them.
    Headings without hyphens work fine.
    When I replace the “-” with another character (e.g. “:”), it works again.

    Any suggestions how to fix this?

    Thanks a lot!

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  • Hi Rhisflow. Just FYI: I just tested my page with a related header and it works fine. I have an H2 header titled “2FA – TWO FACTOR AUTHENTICATION” and the TOC jump works. I have latest version of TOC and latest wordpress plus I am using the Divi theme.

    Hi and thanks for your reply!

    I’ve found out the issue in the meantime:

    I had a different table of contents plugin installed before this plugin here.
    After I replaced the plugin, I had still the [toc] shortcodes in my posts from the old plugin.
    Since the tables were showing up with the new plugin as well, I assumed it used the same shortcode.
    And to some extent it does seem to use them, otherwise no tables would have appeared.
    However, after I removed the shortcodes and only used the auto-insert functionality, all the links – including with hyphens – are working fine now.

    Long story short, there is a bug with the [toc] shortcode, which seems to work only 99% with this plugin.

    Thanks and all the best!

    Plugin Author Steven



    Can you share a link to a page with the issue?

    Can you please try the release candidate of the next version? Hre is the download link:

    Plugin Author Steven



    That’s is odd since the same code generates both. Not sure what would cause such behavior.

    The next update is a major rewrite so perhaps it will not exhibit such behaviour.


    I was just wondering how the next update that you mentioned is coming along?
    The plugin is still giving this hyphen problem when used via shortcode.


    Plugin Author Steven


    Have you, tried the version I gave a link to two comments back?

    I have not, actually, as I’m hesitant with release candidates.
    I prefer to wait for a stable, official release.
    Since this has been 3 months ago, when do you reckon the version you sent me will be officially released?
    I’ll give it a go then.


    Plugin Author Steven


    I will likely never release that version. I personally consider the rc stable but never succeeded in getting others to give it a quick test before release to help ensure no regressions since it is a major change.

    The reason it may not ever be officially be released … with WP 5.0 released I will probably dump the current code and start from scratch and only support the new block editor.

    Oh, ok, got it!
    When do you think the first “new” version will be out?
    Just a rough timeline is good enough…days, weeks, months?

    I’m looking forward to the new release!

    Thanks a lot 🙂

    Plugin Author Steven


    Honestly, probably in the months time frame. It really comes down to when I need it and have the time to write the code because this was developed to meet my needs and shared with the community at large.

    If there were some way to get just 3-5% of the 50K + users to donate just a single $1, that would be more than enough incentive to start tomorrow and have it done within weeks. Unfortunately scenario like that just is not likely to happen. I tried that with another plugin with a large number of users an I manage to get a single donation.

    Sorry this is probably not the answer you want to hear. In time it’ll come.

    No worries, thanks for the honest answer 🙂 !

    all the best!

    I had same problems with hyphens. A little workaround worked for me.

    For standard separation I use underscores.

    Then I just added a few more preg_replace commands into the easy-table-of-contents.php file after the other preg_replace like so:
    // First: Delete hyphens
    $return = preg_replace( ‘/-/’, ”, $return );
    // Second: Convert double underscore to single underscore
    $return = preg_replace( ‘/__/’, ‘_’, $return );

    I’m no programmer, so I just tried to find a fix solution.
    Maybe it’s helpful for somebody.

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