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  • I just noticed it’s very difficult to get a word hyphenated. You have to put a hyphen and then a space or else the words don’t split.
    Does there exist something like a “soft hyphen” (I don’t know the real name). This “soft hyphen” could be put into very long words. WP can then split (automatically) the words at a hyphen. By doing this you avoid those curvy right-margin’s…

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  • I just put a hyphen in and the line breaks, like here

    Well, here the lines don’t break! I thinks it’s a Firefox problem and not WP-related, but still… shouldn’t it be possible that WP takes care of this?
    I’ll try to illustrate my point with an example. I stole this text from the dev blog:

    Plus, because of the archiving style built-into Mo-va-ble-Type the site was swelling up in size with web files all over the place. Iā€™m not a fan of sta-ti-cally created pa-ges at all. I think it leads to bloating and to make changes, you have to re-build every single one of them pages. So, I have been looking for an-other blogging tool to run this site off of. I looked at all of the major players other than MT and found Word-Press to be the best out of all of them. I check-ed it out and even created a test in-stall with some of my existing en-tries.

    I placed hyphens in every (long) word. WP should be able to recognize them and break the words at the end of a line. And, of course, drop the other hyphens in that word (or it becomes a mess).

    Apparently it is a Firefox issue as it also does not recognize the soft hyphen, ­

    >I’m not sure why WP should handle it…. how would WP know when
    >the text will wrap?
    True… I didn’t think of that.
    >Also hyphenating words is only necessary when using justified text,
    >which most people aren’t using.
    In English, most words are quite short. In other languages, however, (like Dutch), you can combine words until you have something like this:

    • aandeelhouderseconomie (aan-deel-hou-ders-e-co-no-mie),
    • arbeidsmarkteconomie (ar-beids-markt-e-co-no-mie),
    • waakvlamovereenkomst (waak-vlam-o-ver-een-komst).

    When those words aren’t hyphenated, you have a big gap in your right-margin.
    The biggest problem is that you can put in a hyphen, but someone with a different resolution will see the hyphenated word in the middle of a sentence…

    >I am a fan of Firefox but it chokes here (and has been
    >reported as a “bug”). – “Not-Most-People” šŸ˜‰
    I’m also a big fan of Firefox, but this is a very annoying bug… :-s

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