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  • Plugin Author Vladimir


    I plan to add this functionality, but not in closest versions.

    Is there any way we can modify the plugin ourselves to get the result? Like, add IDs or anchor tags to the tabs somewhere in the functions? Or maybe have child pages content displayed on tabs on the parrent page somehow? I’ve been searching for a solution for days now. I believe that for many other people it’s also important to be able to include the tabs, spoilers etc. in the overall navigation. But I couldn’t find any hints on how to accomplish this… Could you please provide any information?

    Plugin Author Vladimir


    This feature will be released with 4.3.2

    Thanks in advance, that would be really useful functionality.

    Plugin Author Vladimir


    Did you already tested it? =)

    Thanks for the new update.

    I am testing anchor functionality but can’t get them to work.
    Have this:

    [tab title="Linux" anchor="Linux"]this is Linux content[/tab]
    [tab title="Windows" anchor="Windows"]this is Windows content[/tab]

    Opening http://localhost/wordpress/test-page#windows changes to http://localhost/wordpress/test-page/#windows but the Linux tab is the one opened.
    Am I missing something?

    P.S. Crossposting ๐Ÿ™‚

    Plugin Author Vladimir


    Anchors is case-sensitive. Try to use links like – http://localhost/wordpress/test-page/#Windows

    This limitation is used for more readable links =)

    That did it, thanks a lot.

    Plugin Author Vladimir


    Great. I like this feature too and plan to use it on my own website =)

    thanks so much, Vladimir! It works well and is just what I needed! ๐Ÿ™‚

    Does this feature open a spoiler, or just link to the anchor on the page? I have: (on another page on the same site) linking to:

    [su_spoiler title=”About” style=”fancy” icon=”caret” anchor=”about”]

    It goes to the page, but does not open the spoiler. Or maybe it’s not supposed to do that? Thanks.



    What pixelaid askes is what I’m trying to do also. Anyone get this to work?

    I have spoilers set up on a page (a list of words with their definitions in the spoiler area). I want to link from another page to one of those spoilers (a definition). I can link to the page where the spoilers are but I can’t get that spoiler to open to show the definition automatically. I hope that makes sense. I hope it can be done!

    I have this on the main page:

    [spoiler title=”word” anchor=”#Definition_of_Word”]Definition[/spoiler]

    On another page, I have:


    What do I need to add to make the definition (within the spoiler) visible when the link is clicked from the other page?

    I am also trying to do the same as clovely, with no luck at all. I would also need a way to add a link to a page that will take you to the text within a spoiler (in my case it is a nested spoiler, that is, a spoiler inside a spoiler) which is in another page.

    Anybody managed to solve it?

    I had someone suggest a way to fix what I was doing (now I don’t even remember where I got the suggestion – another board I guess) and I was working with it on Friday. This seems to work for what I was trying to do…

    Add to the definition text on the Lexicon page:
    [spoiler title=”access control” anchor=”Def_Access_Control”]Definition here….[/spoiler]

    Add to the page linked to the Lexicon:
    Access Control

    I think I was putting # also in the anchor and, for some reason, taking it out got it to work the way I wanted. It can now point to text within the definition (inside the spoiler).

    My page is here:

    I have some links pointing to these definitions from other pages on the site but I also got some to work pointing from one definition to another (see the “authentication” spoiler).

    I wish I could explain it better but, for whatever reason, it works. Hope that helps, MABZ.

    Thanks so much for your help, clovely!
    Unfortunately, I cannot get it to work.
    This is what I have in the endpoint page, where I want the spoiler to open:

    [__su_spoiler title=”Acciones para la puesta en valor de los paisajes rurales atlรกnticos” anchor=”baserripaisaiak” icon=”chevron-circle”] images and text here [__/su_spoiler]

    In the page from where I want to access the spoiler located in the other page:


    Yours works fine, I can’t see why mine doesn’t. Do you spot anything wrong in my html? Maybe because in my case it is a nested spoiler?

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