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    On my wordpress Pages, any hyperlink text whose URLs point to .jpg files won’t work. The text appears as a link, it has a hover state on mouseover, and you can copy the link URL to your clipboard. But when you click on the hyperlink text, it doesn’t open/it doesn’t go anywhere.
    <a href="" target="_self">1280×800</a>

    On the other hand, if the hyperlink text whose URL points to a page/an html file, the link will open.

    Any ideas why I can’t link to a .jpg file?
    Please see:

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  • If you add a link to a .jpg without the fancy box class does it work?

    Sorry, let me be clear:

    I need a text hyperlink to point to a .jpg file, for example:
    <a href="" target="_self">1280×800</a>
    Doesn’t do anything when you click the text hyperlink.

    But, if I update the URL to point to a website or a folder or an .html file, for example
    <a href="" target="_self">1280×800</a>
    Clicking the text hyperlink works.

    Any idea why I can’t point to a .jpg file?

    There is no class attribute specified.
    I’ve tried changing target="_self" to target="_blank" – and that also does not work.
    I’ve tried adding the html5 download attribute to force the .jpg file to download to the harddrive – and that also does not work. e.g.
    <a href="" target="_self" download="desktop.jpg">1280×800</a>

    Please see:

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    Try deactivating your Fancybox plugin

    There is no class attribute specified.

    Yes, there is. The class getting added is for fancybox, so either do as Andrew suggested or as I did – add an image without using fancybox.

    ah, I gotcha! I de-activated the plug-in – yes, that was force adding the class attribute. That worked! Thanks so much!!

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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