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    Hi all! I’ve tried looking for a solution to my problem everywhere, but haven’t got a luck, so I hope someone can lend me a kind hand here.

    I am trying to develop a website using Starkers theme, and everything seem to be fine, except that I cannot get NextGen gallery working in the page. Later on, I found out that it was not just the NextGen plugin, but all of the hyperlinks that I tried to make on the pages are not working.

    I have switched the theme back to twenty-ten and all of the hyperlinks as well as the NextGen plugin worked perfectly. However, if there is any way to stop Starkers theme from stripping the hyperlink-function off the pages, I would still love to keep using Starkers since I already have my site designed with it.

    As I read through some articles/etc., everyone seems to be saying this is due to the use of the_excerpt code, and swapping that with the_content code should fix it, but I don’t see the_excerpt in any of the template files of this theme (but I do see the_content).

    FYI, I am used to using html and css, but do not know anything about PHP so I might have misinterpreted whatever I read online. Any input will be greatly appreciated!

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  • Can you provide a link to your site where this is happening and tell us what link we should look at.

    Also is this the starkers version you’re using? –

    Thank you Christine for a quick response!
    Yes I am using the version 4.0.

    And here is the link..

    Links in the “header” and “nav” part work perfectly. It is only the links that I tried to paste in the page content area that doesn’t work.. (‘Cho Cho San’ in bold, and ‘Thousand Oaks’ below that should have links on it, but not working)

    Here is the link to the page with NextGen gallery.

    It’s just for test but none of the thumbnails are clickable here, again I think because the links are not working.

    What browser are you seeing this on? I just checked on my Mac on Chrome and all the links are working fine. You’re server is a bit slow, but other than that everything looks great.

    Yes my friend had figured it out.. It was just some CSS problem with overlapped div elements, and he got to fix it with {overflow: hidden;}

    Thank you anyways for checking!

    i hvae problem to display images as well as hyperlink when i click on that it opens my websiteurl+hyperlink url and give a error i am using hiero theme please help me

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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