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    I’ve been using WP for quite some time and have recently had a major issue with hyperlinks being stripped from posts. I’m not sure if the scheduling feature is doing it or not, but I’m forced to write all posts in Evernote, copy and paste into my blog editor, wait for it to go live, go back to Evernote, copy and paste the same code into my editor again and update. After that all links remain.

    After the stripping the phrase that should have been hyperlinked look like this example. It also removes Amazon ad code and YouTube video code in their entirety.

    I don’t know if this makes any difference, but I never use the visual editor, only the html editor.

    I have a sandbox site with the same template and the two latest plugins added to my primary site: Disqus and Shareaholic. The sandbox site is not stripping out the links. I have no other new plugins. I updated to 3.5 about 3 weeks or so ago (I think).

    The only major plugin difference between the two sites is Jetpack is activated on my primary site and not activated on my sandbox site.


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    Your theme’s vendors should have an input on this.



    Thx. I’ll contact them.



    I am having a similar issue, but only with links to my google documents. Any ideas what could be causing it?



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    whats the output after disabling both plugins and whats the setting of permalinks on your site?



    Thx, Marvel.

    Permalink setting is day and name under common settings. This has been the same for 3 years.

    I’ll try posting alternating turning off the plugins. Still no problem on my test site using the same template. This includes the two latest plugins closest to the time the hyperlink stripping started.



    Hey there, I have a similar question for you guys.
    I am trying link up an image on my front page directly to a site rather than having someone click it, it send that person to a new wordpress page with the same image on it and then have them have to click the image again to go to the linked website. is there a way to cut out the ‘post’ page?



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    @steakgood – please start your own thread if you need help. You don’t have the same issue and it’s rude to hijack another person’s thread.



    my B!



    Through a process of trial and error, I’ve discovered it seems to be with scheduled posts. I deleted the template on my test site and installed a basic Twenty Eleven template. I posted the exact same post twice with a single hyperlink. The immediate post was find, but the scheduled post stripped the hyperlink when it went live.

    This sounds like a 3.5 issue. Are there other possibilities?



    Known issue that should be fixed in WP 3.5.1:



    Ok. Thank you very much. I’ll just not schedule until 3.5.1 is released. I would surely destroy my blog if I attempted a php fix.

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