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  • I am trying to edit a new theme so it is appropriate for my blog however when I preview the theme some of the hyperlinks are not underlined but have a link straight through the middle of the words, while others are fine. I have been able to edit the CSS sheet so the hyperlinks are the colors I want, but can not get rid of this problem! Any ideas? Thank you!

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  • a strike through usually indicates the link is bad.

    This is what I thought originally as well – however I am editing a theme (when I preview it is when I see the strike outs) but I still have my old theme up live and all the links are correct when I test them there. How does that work?

    ps. thank you for your help, I really appreciate it.

    link to your site?

    The strikethrough is being applied in the stylesheet of the theme, hence why you only see the problem with a particular theme.

    The links are to different sites. Each post has 5-6 links to different things and maybe a 1/3 of them are struck out throughout all the posts. I have adjusted all the a{ type css stuff I can handle (this isn’t really my area) but the problem won’t go away. Am I missing something in the style sheet? Is there a way I can search for some kind of strike out code to figure out what is wrong?

    you can search your css for line-through

    A link to your site would allow one of us to cruise your stylesheet and look for it…. but you should be able to find it

    if only some links have the strikethrough, its probably applied to a:visited or something

    I can only find inline, underline and line height in my style sheet – this is probably a silly question but would it be in the templates at all? I never venture there…

    possibly…inline styling is possible. You may also have additional stylesheets that you can’t see from your editor. Which would be linke from your style.css or header.php

    Is there a way to find the linked style sheets?

    to quote myself…..

    Which would be linked from your style.css or header.php

    you will see the links using @import or something, in either of those files…. but most importantly, you will see links to something.css files

Viewing 10 replies - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)
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