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    I am trying to develop a new WP theme for my new blog. I am new to CSS/HTML/WP but have IT experience in other areas, so I thought I’d be able to get my head around it.. So far the theme development is going slowly but well.

    However something just happened that I really don’t know how to solve. I have to ask for help from somebody who knows CSS better than me!

    Some background info:
    The site is

    *I want to have a 3-column theme which is focussed towards the left side of the screen.
    *I want the middle-column to be re-sizable (e.g. can be made slimmer if the user reduces the browser window width)
    *I DON’T want the right hand side bar to extend all the way out to the right of the browser window.
    It took me a while to work out a way to achieve this!

    What really made a difference was putting the page content (left&right sidebars + posts) in a ‘container’ that was about 100 pixel wide. I made a div class called ‘content_container’ in sidebar.php. Both sidebars are inside the container. This way I can use the container in style.css and right-aligned the right hand column without it going all the way to the right. (see site layout)

    I was pleased with this change, but after a while I noticed that the hyperlinks in the sidebars had gone ‘numb’ in Firefox and Seamonkey. They have the colours that I specified for links, but nothing happens when I click on them. The hyperlinks in the posts still work fine.

    IE6 and Opera do not display this problem, only Firefox and Seamonkey! That’s a change!! The corredct behaviour is probably for the links NOT to work.. 🙂

    Getting rid of the ‘container’ gets rid of the problem. However I am unwilling to drop my ‘container’ since it helps me achieve the exact layout that I want!

    I played around a bit and it is clear that it is the content_container div that is the culprit. After setting it up in sidebar.php, I then apply it in style.css.

    Hope I am making sense!

    Does anybody have any idea 1) why the hyperlinks have gone funny and 2) How I can fix them without losing the layout that I want..?

    All the best

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Viewing 1 replies (of 1 total)
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