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  • I’ve searched and found no resolution. I will insert a hyperlink into text in the ‘visual’ window, when I hit ‘update’ the link is gone and line breaks are changed. Bullets move as well. It’s extremely frustrating. I am not a code freak, I’m a wysiwyg kind of guy. Is there a fix for this? I post many links throughout the day and it’s become like wrestling alligators to get it posted correctly. HELP.

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  • I’ll add: This is after the 3.5 update, I use Twenty Twelve template.


    I’d try disabling plugins, then try another theme. Just to narrow it down.

    Could you post your code from the html tab? it will make it easier for myself or others to help. A link would help too.

    I’m not sure which code you want, the hyperlink disappears, vanishes, after updating. I can go back in, reinsert the hyperlink, and it often works.

    All plugins are disabled.

    I want the template I have. Is WordPress down to one template these days? Changing templates is not a fix for me, anymore than buying a new car is a fix for a flat tire. This all worked very well before the update.


    If you post your code from the html tab in the post editor, I might be able to at least see why it’s messed up.

    Sometimes it’s difficult to get exactly what you want only using the visual editor. Even if it works for you 99.9% of the time, you’ll hit a snag eventually and have to go to the code.

    Even if you don’t intend to switch themes you should know if that’s where the problem lies.
    However if you disabled all plugins, it’s not likely it’s the 2012 theme unless you modified it.

    see below please

    Hmmm, it came through as visual, tell my how to give you what you want, please. Figured it out, sorry for the nonsense.

    <p style=”padding-left: 60px;”><img title=”Anonymous hit Westboro Baptist Church over Sandy Hook picket plans” alt=”Anonymous hit Westboro Baptist Church over Sandy Hook picket plans” src=”” /></p>
    <a href=”” target=”_blank”><strong>Hacker group, Anonymous, hits Westboro Baptist Church over Sandy Hook picket plans</strong></a>




    <a href=”″ target=”_blank”><strong><em>US civilian gun ownership is the highest worldwide. Yemen ranks second. America doubles the Yemeni level. Gun related violence follows. In America it’s endemic. In Chicago alone, gun-related deaths exceed one a day. More Chicagoans are shot and killed than US forces in Afghanistan by any means.</em></strong></a>



    <a href=”″ target=”_blank”><strong>John Boehner Proposes Tax Hike for Millionaires</strong></a>



    <a href=”” target=”_blank”><strong>We should arm the kids too, so they can defend themselves from teachers, bullies, terrorists and bogey men: A Republican Congressman suggested that had the teachers at Sandy Hook Elementary been armed with assault rifles, they could have prevented Friday’s massacre and saved lives</strong></a>.


    <a href=”” target=”_blank”><strong>A Guide to Mass Shootings in America</strong></a>


    <a href=”″ target=”_blank”><strong>The Supreme Court Is On The Verge Of Taking Up A Huge Gun Control Case</strong></a>

    haha, not exactly what I had in mind, looks like mostly text pasted from the visual editor. Are you familiar with the html tab? It’s right next to the visual tab. Copy the code from there.

    And, do it after you update the link, after it disappears. I’d like to see what the code is showing at that point.

    if it’s more than 10 lines it may be deleted by forum moderators. You should use pastebin, then post a link to your paste.

    The tab next to visual reads ‘text’ and that is where I C&Ped from

    I’ll add an edit, see if it deletes the hyper…,

    Yes, that must be with 3.5. Used to say html.. I think.

    In these forums, you have to post your code between the backticks added by the “code” button, otherwise it looks weird.

    But, if more than 10 lines, use pastebin.

    Ok, hope I do this correctly…, the hyperlink was removed after hitting the ‘update’ button, the line near the top, “Japan’s conservatives win landslide victory” had a hyperlink before I clicked ‘update.

    Thank you

    Added: What’s odd is the update appeared on the web with the hyperlink intact. The text in the editing window has no link, if I add another update the link vanishes on the web as well as in the editor window.

    Here is the site, with the link, although the line spacing is still appearing to be marching to the beat of its own drummer…,

    Okay, I didn’t know if you could determin if the link was gone or just messed up. But yeah, it’s gone. As if it was never there.

    I don’t know what’s up, I enabled 2012 and tried it with wp 3.5 and the link update works as always..

    Maybe try another browser, or make sure yours is updated. I should have suggested that before

    Otherwise, it’s easy to add links to text with code.

    <a href="your link here">Your link text here</a>

    So it’s only this little bit of code going on.

    <a href=""></a>

    It works well for several entries, then fails. I use FireFox, up to date.

    Thanks for your time. I still have the problem so I’d invite your advice for where to turn.

    I inspected all links on your page in Mozilla Firebug, They all work and all show link code.

    Just for the heck of it, try switching to ie or chrome to see if it’s any different.

    Thanks for your time, I’ll download Chrome and give it a try…, soon. WP seems quite finicky if it won’t work in Firefox though. I’m quite new to WP and so far it’s been an unrewarding effort, I hope for an update that fixes the bugs but perhaps it’s in vain. My timing was bad by signing up only days before this update. Since the site is so new I’m considering seeking other weblog software.

    Again, thanks for your time.

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