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  1. christopherv171
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    Good afternoon all!

    I hope everyone at WordPress is having a great day! I have been placed in charge with sprucing up our WordPress and I need your help on a piece I would like to add. Here is what we are trying to accomplish:

    I am working on creating a reference guide for our company and its employees. The reference guide needs to be broken down into different tabs and will have an instruction document. I already have the new layout designed, so that is done. I am just having trouble with the instruction document. The document needs to go on each page and we will have to update it occasionally. The instruction document is going to be exactly the same on each page, so I don't want to manually have to change the hyperlink on each page every single time.

    If someone knows an easier way for me to do this, I would highly appreciate it. I know there are a bunch of code junkies out there that could figure this out in a heart beat. I have listed an example below:

    Tab 1
    *Instructions - Same Document
    *Random Data
    Tab 2
    *Instructions - Same Document
    *Random Data
    Tab 3
    *Instructions - Same Document
    *Random Data

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