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    Hi all,
    I’ve been left in charge of the following blog.

    I’m just trying to understand the header functions and am setting up a duplicate blog on another host to run my tests. I’ve found the header image, but how and where would the image mapping or hyperlinking be for those RSS and “to Forums” buttons be? I’ve found the image jpg file, and it includes those buttons, but of course not the hyperlinking.

    Any idea where the hyperlinking code would normally be?

    thanks in advance.

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  • The DIV id=”header” holds all of the links and the title, it has 1 big background image that also includes the button imagery.

    The links are effectively transparent and float on top of the header. The css has given these links width, height, float and margin properties that makes them align perfectly over the top of the buttons in the image.

    its kind of a more modern way of doing an image map I guess.

    Wow — I haven’t done any web design since GoLive in Adobe CS2. Css is great! (If one can learn the code). I guess when I get Dreamweaver CS4 I’ll see how good my WYSIWYG CSS code comes out hey? 😉

    hmm not sure if dreamweaver will assist that much…

    I know whre you’ve coming from – its hard to detach yourself from the adobe suite when they’ve looked after you for so long, but with CSS you’re probably best reverse engineering some existing sites (like you’ve started doing!)

    good luck

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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