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  • Hi everyone,

    I am trying to hyperlink within a post like you can in Word or Outlook. I am setting up an FAQ site and I want to have all the questions listed on the top and be hyperlinked to answers below.

    I’ve searched plugins and haven’t been able to find a suitable one.

    Thanks all!


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  • im not sure if wp is setup for this right off the bat, but search google for
    link to section of page

    or just go here

    to learn how this works regularly in html, and it will give you a start, someone more knowledgeable than me here may be able to give you better information though, hopefully they will, but a plugin i dont believe could do this really..

    Oh great! Thank you very much!


    The jump down on a page html code I think works fine in a WordPress Page or Post – you do need to put in the html code – sorry don’t have a link to the instructions but it is a standard html thing.

    no problem, just go ahead and research through that search in google to learn how that works regularly so you have an understanding of it, its actually quite simple in regular html because its not really coding its just assigning names to the section then calling on that name, through the url..

    ok i just looked a little further, by defualt wordpress assigns
    <div id=”post-#” to each post # being the number it assigned to it. so if you can find the post number you would just link to the relavent page


    if you could provide a link i may be able and give you an example to test and further instruct you how to find the post # your self

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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