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  • I’m trying to make text hyperlinked so that when you click on the text it links to an image. The text would appear in a post. I’m using WP Photo Album Plus, not sure if that’s relevant. Thanks!!!

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  • @theterribletwos

    Hopefully the following will help, I’m assuming that the content is something you’ve added via the WordPress dashboard within either a post or a page here.

    1. Go into the edit mode on the page you wish to edit
    2. Ensure that the edit window is set to ‘visual’ mode instead of ‘html’
    3. Hightlight the text you wish to make a link
    4. From the kitchen sink select the anchor icon located to the right of the alignment icons
    5. Enter your destination as required and then select update

    If the text is had coded within a template file you can add the following html using a text editing app / ftp.

    <a href="url" title="link description">anchor text</a>

    Hope this helps


Viewing 1 replies (of 1 total)
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