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  • Hi guys,

    My problem is not as severe as many, but any help you could offer would be appreciated.

    I upgraded to 3.5 last night and soon after I published a new blog post.

    In the blog post I hyperlinked some text which uses “Heading 1” formatting. Normally this text would become blue, but instead it remained grey – the link did work though. I went into the WP post editor to check that I’d put everything in right and the hyperlink had disappeared and a line break had been added before and after. I hyperlinked the text again, published the post but it remained grey and when I came back to edit it again the hyperlink had disappeared again.

    I hope I’ve explained myself okay.

    Here is an example of what it looked like before 3.5 (the blue link at the bottom of the post above the Adsense)

    How To Make Homemade White Tiger Balm

    And this is what it looks like after 3.5 (the grey link at the bottom)

    How To Make DIY Deodorizing Disks

    Any idea of ways I can get this back to blue?

    Alternatively, how can I return to the previous version of WordPress?


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  • Your old links are structured h1 tag, a tag, Text, /a tag, /h1 tag

    Your new links are structured a tag, h1 tag, Text, /h1 tag, /a tag

    And your site’s CSS styles specifically based on this ordering.

    This may be because of some of the new HTML5 structures that were incorporated into the TinyMCE editor — specifically with a tags being acceptable as block-level elements.

    I’m pinging azaozz to check on this — hoping to have an answer for you shortly.

    And yup, just confirmed that’s the issue. Waiting to hear back to see if it’s something worth patching. In the mean time, here’s a line of CSS to add to your stylesheet that should rectify the issue for you:

    a h1 {color:#608584;}

    Thanks George.

    Sorry to be so ignorant, but do I replace a certain line of code with the above? Or do I simply put it in?

    If so, where should it go?

    CSS – or anything technical for that matter – is not my strong point.


    No worries!

    If you go to “Appearance” > “Editor”

    the first file that comes up should look something like

    Just scroll to the bottom of the file, and add that snippet on a new line.

    Then save the file and you’re done.

    Thanks George – that’s excellent and has fixed the issue of the colour problems.

    However when I go back to edit a post, the hyperlink has disappeared and a line break is also added before and after.

    This isn’t a problem for now but I’ll keep my eyes peeled for a fix/patch for this.


    Yup, I’ve added a ticket to Trac that you can follow to keep tabs on the issue.


    Thanks, James!

    Hi George

    I see that a patch has been added to the ticket that you started. Is this something I should download and install?


    Hi George

    Is there a fix available for this yet? Or if not, how can I return to the previous version of WordPress for the time being?


    I am continuing to have issues with being unable to add a hyperlink. This is a pretty big problem as I am a regular blogger. What do you suggest? I have scoured the forum and the action of deactivating all the plugins has not made a difference.

    Appreciate your advice!

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    @active, you can discuss that in your own thread.

    I would love to! Can’t find it in a search. Can you tell me how to find it??

    Moderator Andrew Nevins


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    Click on the blue and underlined text, “in your own thread”.

    You would think right? But a Tom of threads come up and mine isn’t there. Sorry to be a pain.



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    That’s a link to the page where you can start your own thread – try here:

    Thanks for all…..for this solution….


Viewing 15 replies - 1 through 15 (of 15 total)
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