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  • Hi,
    my site already installed wordpress 3.1 and enabled as multisite.

    I want my site to act as master in one server and slave in another server.
    so, hyperdb satisfy all my needs. But i am Struggle to configure the db-config.php

    I want to configure the db-config.php to acheive this.

    1. Which are the part i have to modify the db-config.php?
    2. To acheive this can i create a global database in the name of “globaldb”?
    3. To acheive Replication how to configure the mysql? so hyperdb will do the rest of replication?

    Thanks to matt,andy,ryan,mdawaffe,automatic for creating wonderful plugins.

    Help pls.

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  • Hi,

    Anybody helps me, is hyperdb works on shared hosting?

    I want to achieve that replication.



    I’m still waiting for some help with hyperdb too.

    Hi there,

    only a few lines are “live” in db-config.php. Three towards the top of the file, and two blocks underneath the heading

    /** Sample Configuration 1: Using the Default Server **/

    What the guys have done here is give you a “sample configuration” which uses the values from your wp-config.php file. Hence by just installing the plugin it would be switched on, but you wouldn’t notice any differences (since only one database server is active for reads and writes).

    Now you copy the second block and add the values for your second database server – that’s how you configure it. This will work on shared hosting, but it only makes sense if you have more than one database server so you’d configure one for reading and one for writing (or reading and writing).

    Please note that HyperDB DOES NOT replicate your database or user accounts! You need to do this yourself. You can refer to this article from the MySQL manual:



    Does this “get along” with WP Super Cache?

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