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  • Topology: wordpress mu installed on two separate hosts.
    master(hostA)->slave(hostB) replicated “blog” database
    hyperdb (mainly for r/w splitting)

    I configure “hostA” for read/write with write priority:
    read => 2
    write => 1

    I configure “hostB” as read-only:
    read => 1
    write => 0

    Then, to test, I take down the mysql database on “hostA” – and navigate to my blog URL.

    I get this error:
    Unable to connect to hostA:3306 to write table “wp_1_term_relationships” (global)

    This seems odd, because I don’t believe I’m trying to write anything – just read the page. The mysql log file indicates that only select statements are being passed to the server – so I don’t see any insert/update/delete activity there either.

    If I configure them both for write – it works fine. However, I am trying to provide users at the “hostB” location with at least read access to the blog if the master node (hostA) is down or the network is unavailable.

    Please advise.

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