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  • Okay, I also get annoyed when someone says it’s their first website or blog, then you click the link and it looks like was made by a professional theme designer. So, don’t worry, you won’t experience that when you visit my site: Supplement Updates

    I would appreciate feedback on things that I could improve. I’m new to CSS editing. The original theme is Hybrid-News from Justin Tadlock.


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  • It looks fine, but it takes an awful long time to load.

    Hey thanks for the feedback on load time.

    I have decent hosting, so I don’t think that’s the issue. I’ve reduced images in the css and added W3 Total Cache.

    The Technorati Media ads that I recently added seem to have severely slowed my load time.

    I tried the Webo plugin. It shaved my load time from Pingdom down from 9 seconds back to 7. Then it crashed and the interface doesn’t work anymore, so I had to disable it.

    Without the Technorati Media ads, my site loads in about 5 seconds (Pingdom). Maybe I should drop them until I can find a way to speed up my site.

    Also, the Hybrid theme framework doesn’t play nicely with WP Total Cache. I can’t minify my CSS/JS without getting errors. For some reason, YSLOW says that I should gzip files that should already be Gzipped.

    I just tried it again, and this time it popped up almost instantly. I don’t know if you changed something, but much quicker.

    Hey, thanks for checking again.

    Actually, I switched from WP Total Cache to Webo Site SpeedUp. It appears to have decreased my site’s load time about 3.5 seconds from Pingdom.

    Here’s the plugin: Webo.

    *** I had some problems with getting the advanced settings to work properly (either created bugs or slowed down site [CSS Sprites]). The optimized version with a few extra options checked worked best for me.

    Hm, ran into CHMOD problems with WEBO again. I deleted it to try another re-installation. Now, I see that Webo Site Speedup is no longer listed as a plugin at

    Loading time is really tricky. It can depend on a lot of things. I’ve been using WP Super Cache on my site ( ) and knock on wood so far so good.

    I go by the theory that the simpler the better, few widgets and plug ins cause less potential slowdowns.

    But sometimes, it’s just what mood the server is in.

    Yeah, I’ve gone to great lengths to simplify my site.

    I used to have background images for the blog/footer, and widget titles that I’ve removed.

    I’ve also removed a number of plugins.

    Unfortunately, some very good additions are the worst offenders for slow page load times. I find that the Facebook Like widget along with Digg/Digg widget (Tweetmeme in particular) are brutal for slowing down page load times.

Viewing 8 replies - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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