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  • Let me first state that I am not an expert in WordPress, nor am I a web designer (I am a photographer by trade, but reasonably computer literate). I have a new site for my teaching business, and my developer company is “not able” to help me with this problem (long story)…

    I am taking a feed into my VagabondVistas site home page from my photo blog using the HungryFEED plug-in. It is not working. I am getting the following error message:

    HungryFEED can’t get feed. Don’t be mad at HungryFEED. SimplePie reported: This XML document is invalid, likely due to invalid characters. XML error: Reserved XML Name at line 56, column 38

    I do not know what this means, nor do I know where to begin to trouble-shoot the problem. What I do know is that the site was originally launched on a Blue Host server, and was then moved to a different host today (where I host my other sites). There were no problems with the feed when the site was on the Blue Host server. Now that it has been moved (to iPowerWeb), everything on the site appears to be working properly with exception to the HungryFEED feed from my blog.

    The feed should be coming from this part of my blog:

    The code on the home page for the HungryFEED plug-in is:

    [hungryfeed url=”” max_items=”0″ template=”1″]

    As, again, I am not expert in this field, I have not done much to try and trouble-shoot things. I need to clear this error up urgently, as the site launch is nearly a month behind schedule, and time is of the essence to being promoting a few events that I have coming up. Any assistance with this problem would be much MUCH appreciated. Thank you!

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  • if you visit your feed URL using the Chrome browser you can see that the XML is invalid due to a bunch of line breaks at the top of the document. some feed readers can ignore this type of problem but SimplePie (WordPress built-in RSS parser) doesn’t unfortunately.

    This is almost always due to a mis-behaving plugin that is not coded properly and has line breaks at the end of it’s PHP files. You can test this out by just disabling plugins one-by-one until the line breaks are gone.

    If you moved from UNIX to Windows or vice-versa then there is a chance that extra line breaks got added to your files during transfer & your developers should be able to fix that.

    Thanks for your insight, Jason. Looks like we found a plug-in to fix things.

    oh cool can I ask what plugin fixed the problem?

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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