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  • I’ve been running WordPress since 2006 with a customized template and a couple of plug-ins (Calendar, Contact Form, Polls), using it essentially as a CMS with comments and signups disallowed. Pings on the other hand, were allowed for each post.

    Starting a couple of days ago, I started getting hundreds of email notifications asking that I moderate a comment, in the form of:

    A new comment on the post # “” is waiting for your approval

    Author : (IP: , )
    E-mail :
    URI :
    Whois :

    Ruh roh. I don’t have a lot of posts on the site so the first thing I did was go back in and disallow pings for each.

    That being said, the version is 2.0.1 (and yes, that would mean I’m begging you for mercy but hear me out), in the absence of any vectors in which users could insert code coupled with a strong passsword, presumably, I thought I was sparing myself from an upgrade and the headache of upgrading my customized base theme which I see is not compatible with 2.5.

    So my question is this: do I *really* need to upgrade?

    Thanks in advance for your help

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  • Some supplemental forum searching with different keywords found some info on this. Hopefully turning off all trackbacks/pingbacks globally and on a per-post basis will solve the issue. Its just weird that the site has been up for over two years and it never happened before.

    I have been having this problem on my own blog and have been unable to work out a solution. 🙁

    I am running on 2.5 and have no idea how to stop it. 🙁



    After weeks of trying to figure out this problem, my host Surpass Hosting found the following solution.

    We have enabled register globals for your domain to fix the issue.

    Seems to have made everything work perfectly now. 🙂



    Unfortunately I am still having problems with Blank comments on my site. If I find anything that does fix it, I shall post something again.

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