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  • Sabinooo



    I’m testing the Slate Admin Theme and, really, it’s a net improvement, this is much more comfortable to use, good job 🙂

    That said, I didn’t just come to say thanks (thanks!), but to also report a minor issue.

    Here’s the thing: for those of us who have set up default browser zooms because we have large monitors and we don’t want to spend our lives with our noses stuck to our monitors, the font is FAR too big in the title’s field, in the post editor.

    In my case, my default zoom is 130%: with a 100% zoom I find myself squinting too often and my eyes get tired.

    An image being better than a thousand words, here is a screenshot of the top of my browser window:
    Context: my usual 130% page zoom, Firefox, the browser’s window is maximized to use the totality of my 1920×1080 24 inches display.

    I understand my problem is an exception and won’t affect most of the users, so this only comes as a suggestion, could there be an option to, perhaps, have the title’s font size, in the post editor, smaller ?
    Or a way to make the plugin detect the actual (or do we way “calculated” ?) browser resolution and tweak the font size in that case ?

    No problem if that’s asking too much, I was posting about it, as I say, “just in case”.

    Thanks again!

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