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  • humanack


    Be the first to see my website!

    I’m still working on it and it has a lonnnngg way to go and that’s why I came here to ask for opinions.


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  • I like the color and the rolling flash



    Anyone else have an opinion? Things I need to improve?



    I like it!

    Only thing I would say though is that it would look friendlier if you had a nice colourful background that goes all the way down the homepage instead of just having black all over.

    Also, I think you should split your content up and not have alot of info on the homepage. Keep the homepage as short as possible if you can. A good thing to put is a faetured slider and that puts all your recent content in one easy accessable place so people don’t have to do lots of scrolling!

    Put its looking sweet my friend!

    my website isn;t exactly perfect either, but I guess its just asking users to give it a judge!

    Best of luck,



    Thanks fechtech for the comments.

    Was wondering if anyone could suggest any specific templates or how hard it would be to incorporate a magazine style template with the current color scheme I got going?

    Content comments would be cool too

    Thanks in advance!



    It looks very nice, I used to use this theme a long time ago. Don’t know about the forum though…

    yeah, I’m focusing on the actual website right now. I don’t know much php so I’m steadily learning about how to manage a forum and what add-ons I should add to the forum

    I’ll be using phpbb3 for the forum.

    Any comments on the content?

    Great work! I’m using Firefox (Linux) on a 1680×1050 resolution, and I noticed 2 things that called my attention:

    • The ‘World Music’ dropdown menu when shown, it goes below the google ads block you have. I checked on opera and the menu works ok. Try tweaking the z-index of the dropdown menu so it is above the google ads block.
    • There’s a horizontal scrollbar on the fixed layout you have, check out if you have any width: 100% css out there that is causing the scrollbar to show.
    • Hope this helps!

    Fixed both the drop down menu and scroll bar! Thanks Der!

    I’m still open to suggestions and comments! Especially some feedback on the content and layout would be nice…. 🙂

    Thanks in advance!

    good blog

    nice site….it would be better if you could make it a bit more brighter ..i mean…right now it looks very dark.

Viewing 10 replies - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)
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