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  • Zambrano Sergio


    I maintain a plugin I created myself, and adding a new version takes me a whole day of fighting with any SVN software, every time.
    I realized it’s me, human been, used to graphic interfaces with windows and folders since Commodore Amiga, that is not compatible with apps created for server stuff, or those apps are created by coding-robots who never used a mouse…

    Whatever the reason is I never get it to work correctly.
    Excuse my english that is not good enough to be bureaucrataicly polite or to beg correctly, or to express I’d suicide or kill somebody without ·caps· (I’ll use ·this dots· to express all-caps so you understand my desperation but others won’t feel insulted).

    If there’s anyone out there that uses Windows or Mac ·primarily· and yet knows how to use rapidSVN please be so kind to explain me how, if you ever realized:

    ·What are the &$^@^#& differences with a common windows-based file managing system human beens are used to, with folders, file icons, a pointer to drag them over, windows, etc, that is making me so difficult to creating a new version every time?· (as well as every single move I need to revert every trial)

    No matter what I do, I always end up with locks, errors, missing or unversioned folders, etc etc etc etc etc etc.

    Even worse, 10% of the time I’m trying a new way to get it uploaded, and the other 90% of the time I waste it on fixing what I just did, because once I duplicate, copy, add, create, delete, move, etc a folder or file the ·non-exact-SVN-way· I end up messing the whole thing for hours.

    Not sure whether it’s the server so slow (it takes like 30 seconds each command, and another 30 to refresh the window after each) or some cache that needs to be updated before I can undo any of the last trials… but I can’t take anymore.

    My apologies for the long post, but I’d like to avoid people posting two words replies to gain popularity, or others thinking I haven’t read tens of pages of technical documentation poorly created for the non-expert user. (sorry, but when self-learn documents include new vocabulary every sentence, no link to the word, with a several pages glossary… I simply don’t know what I’m reading anymore. The sad thing is, this could be explained for people who ·already· know what a window-based file-manager is, and only need a few tips on what the difference with the SVN is.

    For you to save more thinking and explanations, I’ll also say:

    • There are not others uploading revisions. Just me.
    • Yes, I retrieved my WP June 2011 new password.
    • I can modify existing versions out of the Trunk and commit.
    • Trunk is locked today. I ignore since when, but I still need to know why this is so difficult compared with existing file managers

    PLEASE! how do you do?
    What are the differences I, Friendly Graphic interface OS user, needs to know about copying, moving, creating folders, etc to keep up with SVN system?


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  • Big Bagel


    On Windows, I find TortoiseSVN to be easier to use than rapidSVN. You do everything in a local folder that you can sync with the repository.

    Windows WordPress Toolbox

    Zambrano Sergio


    You do everything in a local folder that you can sync with the repository.

    Sounds good. But my local folder files which I duplicate to create a new folder are already “versioned”.

    RapidSVN and the other app I used before do the same: I can upload the new folder since it brings the “versioned” karma somewhere in it, and I get an error “… this or that is already versioned”

    Do they expect I always create my new version files from scratch?

    Real world scenario is: I duplicate the previous folder’s version, make my changes, and then I upload it. Everybody says “create your new files and then add them”. Has anybody actually done it or just read the instructions?

    Where’s that info saved in the file? so I can remove that folder’s karma and upload it without errors?

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