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    I made a special logo for a blog, and I change the maximum size in the function.php.

    Right now, the logo is accepted but I’m crazy because right now the logo is cutt of by the beginning of the blog body and I’m looking for a solution to move the blog body down, I tryed lot of things, and it doesn’t work, please help me, I’m gonna go crazy with that.


    The adress of the blog :

    Many thanks.

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  • css > change the masthead-height to 380px. You do have a very big image as logo.

    Thanks but…

    Sorry but I tryed to change every masthead in every CSS I found inside Style directory…It’s doesn’t work..

    I did probably something wrong but what ?

    As far as i can tell you need to edit this one : red-grey.css and css #2 in your css folder, the one that has the masthead set to 90px.

    Something very strange, I’ve noticed what you mean in the source code of the page, but, something crazy, I can’t find it in any CSS file inside the theme directory…

    Thanks again for you precious time and your help.

    What is the path to your css folder? So far i got this one /wp-content/themes/jenny/style.css but need the others.


    Hope you can do someting because, I download the entire theme for the server, and try to find with spotlight on my mac the word “height:90px”, and mac os x did not find it…

    Really, if you need other thing or the complete zip of the wordpress system, I can make a download acces to you. Thanks thanks thanks from France.

    Hello France, i’m installing the theme now, i see what i can find, greetings from Amsterdam.

    Sounds great.
    Internet needs somme people like you !

    If you need anything, I’m around for approx. 30 minutes…Or see you then later…

    Amsterdam, great, I’m in Paris. Everybody love Amsterdam here. Lot of people want to leave Paris to Amsterdam. It seems to be amazing.

    If i could, I would send you some “croissants” for the breakfast tomorrow. 😉

    Lol i would like some croissants :p ok What stylesheet is the main stylesheet you use? It’s the red-grey.css right? I changed the header on my site in 30 seconds so something is overriding on your site. Did you make any custom changes to the theme?

    God. I tryed to erase the theme, reinstall from the zip…And I don’t know how, but it is the same problem…Crazy…

    Tomorrow create a zip-file for me to download and we’ll fix your problem 😉

    Ok, I reinstall everything from 0.

    And I did what you said, IT WORKS !

    I have no word to express all my gratitude to you man.

    Many many thanks. Don’t hesitate if I can help you on photoshop/Lightroom or anything about photography, I’m better for that than wordpress crazy things… !

    See you soon on the web.

    and, have a nice night !

    Ok great! Nighty night sleep tight.

Viewing 15 replies - 1 through 15 (of 15 total)
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