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  • Hi @jkrill,

    hope you are doing well and good so far :).

    I just wanted to tell you about my experience with your Jump Menu lately. We were using it on a site with a lot of content (posts a few, hundreds of pages, hundreds of custom post type posts of various kinds), and it really dragged the performance of the site down, so pages took ages to load in the frontend as well as backend. I assume it is the sheer mass of content your select is carrying around and which gets hard to manage? Do you have any ideas to work around this in a way?

    All the best


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  • Hey @jkrill,

    I’m working with @physalis on that project and I’ve created a patch for your plugin that solves the performance issue for sites with lots and lots of content.

    The gist is that I load the html contents via ajax after the page itself has loaded, and cache them in the browser’s localStorage, plus adding an additional entry at the bottom of the select menu options list that allows for clearing the cache / reloading the contents.

    That completely solves the performance issues for us.

    If you’re interested in merging such a change, let me know where I can reach you to send a patch (or PR if you’re working with GH or something similar).


    Plugin Author James Krill


    Hi @seeekr,

    That sounds great. you can find my contact info at my website:

    I’ll get the plugin on GitHub and we can go from there.

    Hi @jkrill, seems you incorporated the changes, thank you so much, hehe :). However, since 3.5 or 3.5.1 we get a JS error message in the console, breaking some things in our frontend.

    wpjm-main.js?ver=3.5.1:42 Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property ‘baseUrl’ of undefined

    Can you take a look? Or is this up to us in any way?

    All the best


    Just a little update: I see the error throughout a lot of my sites, so it is nothing like a theme conflict. I guess others didn’t update yet, or didn’t realise the problems. It breaks a lot in the frontend since it’s initialised that early on the page.

    Plugin Author James Krill


    Try version 3.5.2. Should fix this problem.

    Hi @jkrill , thanks for solving the problem. However, it seems the fix with caching isn’t working anymore. Our site had worked fine with the modified version by @seeekr , but at least with the latest version it is slowing down ~ 3 seconds in the frontend, even when users don’t display the admin bar. Are you sure the AJAX thing is implemented completely :)?

    Thanks again 😉

    Plugin Author James Krill


    @physalis – try 3.5.4 and let me know if that improves things.

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