• When the plugin first greets you and has this in the first sentence: “you get easily offended by promotions on your admin please close this fast right now.” you know you’re in for a horrible ride. I logged on JUST to review this mess of a plugin. The notification takes up 3/4 of my screen, it’s absurd.

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    sigh… I just noticed it adds a Widget on the homepage with the same advertisement too. Seriously guys? You want MONEY for this crap? Boy, sign me up!

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    AND the same advertisement on the plugin settings page…half the screen. Plugins like this give other plugin developers trying to make an honest buck a bad reputation.

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    I could give 2 answers to this:

    1. I could say the add is different then a big banner on a website because its a one time global admin message. And I could ask why does it matter how big it is if you reach for the X to close it immediately anyway? I mean if you close it anyway why does it matter if it covers 100% or 1% of the screen. … widget can be hidden with 2 clicks settings page is rarely visited after prefered settings are made, ad there was also close-able. My probably silly attempt to prevent very very few (one guy b4) from getting so angry about it with that message failed on you.

    2. The other answer is I guess it does matter and even if I do not like your over the top tripple post engagement over this. I already changed the ads in following ways.

    • Reduced the text and font size of the big one time admin ad and the wiget, because you were right there were to big. Was using the entire feature list from the pro addon, now a reduced version. But I things its rather the widget that may be annoying.
    • Added links to free support and docs to the widget so its not just a pure big ad anymore
    • Changed the ad in the settings page to be more sidebar like and hopefully less annoying.

    I did this long ago quickly after I saw this review. Just wanted to mention it here now.

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