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  1. greatdanemaniac
    Posted 6 years ago #

    I've noticed this for a long time now, and with the final release of 3.0, it has not been improved.

    I've been having a huge problem with my menu (wp_nav_menu). It does not show pages in the right order, and sometimes it does. It removes all links and the whole menu whenever I add custom links, so that I always have to delete the menu and start over again.

    One common thing as well is that subpages tend to become parentpages, even though that is not correct.

    I'm using a replica of Twenty Ten theme (aka, just changed fonts and color etc. and have not touched the core code of the theme)

    Please HELP!


  2. greatdanemaniac
    Posted 6 years ago #

    I solved it.
    You have to choose which menu you'd wanna show in the header. The copy that I made became an old one, and did not support that, so I made a new copy of the theme, and now it works!

    //Anna-Maria aka GreatDaneManiac

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