• I installed the plugin and optimized the images. Once that was completed, the nightmare started. It broke so many links on my site and on hundreds of products pictures went missing. I had to redtore a full back up of site and spend some time and money to repair the problems caused by this plugin.

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    Hi @mainata1,

    I’m sorry to hear you had such issues with Smush, this is certainly something that shouldn’t happen by any means.

    Could you please start a thread for your issue in support section so we could investigate why this happened to you?

    Thank you,

    Plugin Author Umesh Kumar


    Hey @mainata1,

    Were you using the Pro Version ( Trial ) or the Free version?

    If it was not Pro version and you weren’t using the PNG to JPG conversion feature, It is highly unlikely that “It broke so many links on my site and on hundreds of products pictures went missing” this happened because of Smush.

    Do you have a sandbox site? so that we can probably investigate.


    Thread Starter mainata1


    If I were you (plugin author), I would first investigate before you start quoting me. No matter what version of plugin it is used (FREE or PRO) it shouldn’t cause such issues.
    The problem on my site that was caused by your plugin costed me money and time to fix. So the least you can do is take the responsibility and apologies for the troubles your product created.
    An apology from you Umesh is expected, because of the way you are handling the problem and my comment.
    This is not my first time developing a site. I had this plugin installed a while back on another site and it worked fine. This is why i decided to give it a shot again.

    Thread Starter mainata1


    I already am past the issue and would like to not waste any more time on it.
    Thank you anyway!

    Hey there, sorry about the issues you faced, we’d love to figure out what went wrong here. Once we’ve identified the issue and if it’s a bug we would, of course take responsibility for the issues caused.

    No matter what version of plugin it is used (FREE or PRO) it shouldn’t cause such issues.

    The Pro version can cause this issue, it’s why we asked you which version. When converting PNG to JPG (a Pro feature) it will change the link within your media and content. We do warn about this:

    This will change the file’s name and extension, and any hard-coded URLs will need to be updated.

    With the Pro version you can also retain the original version for instances like this. Can you please let us know more about which version you were using, you mentioned product images, was this in a shop plugin and if so which one?

    Were the links hardcoded or something within the content?

    As when testing all plugins, making site changes, those should be done in a sandbox environment, are you able to replicate this there again?

    We’ve been running extensive tests and each time it works as expected, it converts the file and replaces all the content and media library links. We’ve not had an instance of dead links to images.

    We’d like to try and replicate that to identify any issue and address it accordingly.

    The same has happened on my site. I ran SMUSH, and then did a further smush of the database which severely effected 1/2 my site.

    The images in the theme where missing, and now I am looking at having to spend a week having someone go through and revisit 200 pages!!!!

    I am so annoyed.

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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