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  • I seriously doubt the 5 stars given to this software by some users. Reasons below

    1. Your current wordpress users or customers cannot be imported to the CRM. You will have to export all users to csv and then import separately. Not sure if that would work perfectly not to mention the formatting needed in the csv file Duh! Dear developers of ZBsCRM why would you not provide this functionality. You have to provide a drop down option to import existing wordpress users to be imported into the CRM with all the details populated from the WordPress data itself. Straightforward. Why did you miss this?. I am NEVER GOING to type out an entire user profile everytime in ZerobsCRM. (We are in the 20th Century!!) nor I am going to use a csv option – because its not the way things are done. Sorry.

    2. Zerobscrm must populate all wordpress data – thats what CRMs are supposed to do. CRM is a reporting software. there are tons of other very specialised plugins out there for creating invoices and forms and for user registrations. Please do not get into re-inventing the wheel with these. I am not going to use ZEROBSCRM for either of those functionalities. Instead I need a CRM to populate my forms, my invoices and user data all together in one place.

    Many other points too – no time to type

    You can easily develop into a more than 50k downloads plugin. But only if you change your strategy. Clearly the strategic thought process behind this plugin is faulty. In the current state the plugin with all the extensions with hardly any functionality its not going anywhere for sure. Total Waste of money I would say C.BS.CRM. $200 is a lot of money.

    My suggestions instead for immediate development. Strategy should be like this unless you are not able to do it

    1. Tightly integrate with Gravity forms. All form submissions should be available for mapping in all fields/extensions of Zero BS CRM

    2.Option to import users and their data from WordPress – immediate requirement.

    3.Allow option for users to choose between ability to use ALL the functionality either at front end or back end – as their choice. Front end will be better over back end


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  • Plugin Author woodyhayday



    1. Your current wordpress users or customers cannot be imported to the CRM.

    This is actually available via our WordPress utilities extension:

    2. Zerobscrm must populate all wordpress data

    I’m not totally clear on this point, but many users find that our integrations across form plugins and our sync extensions which pull users from Stripe or PayPal are very effective.

    Re: the rest of your comments contain inaccurate facts which I’ll share here for others clarity. We appreciate your feedback, but please do see our features and extensions pages as we cover almost all of what you’ve said we do not.

    Re: Gravity forms: We do have a solid integration with gravity forms, as well as many other providers:

    Re: Front/Backend – adding this functionality into the front and back end may make sense for your use case, but we’ve had only 1 or 2 other requests for this out of thousands of other requests. We provide the admin area in wp-admin, and a client portal for clients on the front end. We’re happy that this is good logic and suits 9/10 CRM users.


    Again, thank you for your feedback, perhaps there are places we can clear up our communication as we do provide many of the features you suggest are missing.

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