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    Sorry, really don’t want to be a complainer, but I have some very major issues pertaining to WordPress and it’s themes.

    I’m not looking for resolutions or fixes here, just explanationsas to why these methods are in place for the wordpress core and its themes…

    I will periodically post questions and complaints in this thread as nicely ass possible, so please, WP devs, do not be offended by the questions and opinions below..

    I hardly have the time to post these since i spend 99% of my web design & development BUG FIXING!

    1st. Has anyone else noticed “:before” & “:after” tags being inserted into the HTML of the 2013 theme? or is this a plugin causing the bug?

    This chunk of CSS in the stylesheet for 2013 baffles me:

    				  .attachment .entry-header:before,
    				  .attachment .entry-header:after,
    				  .site-footer .widget-area:before,
    				  .site-footer .widget-area:after,
    				  .comment-body:after {
    					content: "";
    					display: table;

    For the life of me, I cannot understand why wordpress is inserting ” ” into my inline text.. It is causing random line breaks where there absolutely is none in the content.

    I have many more questions and frustrations to talk about in this thread.

    again, please don’t take these personally, i’m just trying to understand why these bugs are occurring. I have many more to come, and please,,,, do not just close the thread with the “create a child theme” reference….. I’m a seriously considering migrating over 200 websites to a paid CMS or a better supported one.

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