• Seems very powerful but huge learning curve. Maybe they could provide some presets to help users figure out how to use the system.

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  • Plugin Author Ruben Garcia


    Hi @earl_d

    Thank you so much for your review!

    Is true that, since GamiPress has +120 add-ons and is plenty of features, the start could be a bit hard.

    To make it more easy, we added lot of documentation explaining everything even step-by-step tutorials (with videos) where you can learn:

    What is GamiPress
    A resume of what is GamiPress and its features

    Step-by-step tutorials setting up the basic elements in GamiPress

    Getting started
    To meet the main elements of GamiPress and their options

    To display GamiPress elements at frontend (achievements, ranks, email settings, etc)

    To configure the GamiPress features like social sharing or the email templates

    Also, thank you so much for recommend the presets, but keep in mind that GamiPress is always evolving and actually integrations with +80 plugins of different types like ecommerces, elearning, memberships, communities, forums, support desks and a big etc, which is impossible to create presets with the huge number of options you have

    For example, you could have an elearning site where you want to sell courses, so your achievements will be focused in a mix of elearning + ecommerce, but also is possible that you offer memberships so your stack grows to elearning + ecommerce + memberships

    For that, there are not common sites since in GamiPress you can connect any plugin in different ways (and of course, we offer support for different plugins of the same type like LifterLMS, LearnDash and LearnPress, all are LMS plugins)

    Something we offer are assets for those teams who do not have a designer and want images for their achievements, ranks or points, and you can find those assets here:

    Hope that all this information helps you to understand GamiPress much better!

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