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  • I absolutely love the theme, but I do have a major issue with it.
    It does not display properly at all in Internet Explorer 8.
    I am confused as I have not seen anyone else having the same problem, therefore I thought it is best to ask here.

    Also, I was unable to find an answer to a question of how to disable the page animation for different sections.

    The website can be accessed here:

    Thank so much in advance!

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  • Html made a transition from html4 to html5. Html5 was a major upgrade for web development. It added lots of new tags and elements that are not available in IE 8.

    IE 8 was the last version released for html4. The theme you are using is using html5 standards.IE 8 was released for use on windows XP which is no longer supported by Microsoft.

    I think Microsoft will end all support for its older browser in 2016 making IE 8 obsolete next year.

    mrtom thank you, I figured there is an issue because of the HTML5, however the problem is that majority of companies in the country where the main web traffic will come from still uses XP and Internet Explorer.

    So I might need to change the theme at the end:(

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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