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  • Hello,
    You can do it with custom single template.

    Then you can add this code to function.php in your theme:

    add_action( 'after_setup_theme', 'my_custom_size_img' );
    function my_custom_size_img() {
        add_image_size( 'job-offer-img', 250, 250, true);

    You can change 250, 250 for your sizes.

    Then in your template ‘content-job_listing.php‘ change this:
    <?php the_company_logo('job-offer-img'); ?>

    I hope it will be helpfull.

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    Thanks, @kibus90 !

    The only thing I’d add to your solution is that the code be added to a plugin like Code Snippets rather than directly to functions.php. That will a) prevent the code from being overwritten during updates, and b) keep your site from crashing if you enter the code incorrectly. 🙂


    I wanted make the images bigger on the listing page. But when use your lines of code, I destroy the hole output. I do net get the image in 250 250, instead the output is the original uploaded size

    Honestly, I’d just rather remove them and I think you guys need to put an option in there to disable it. How can I just REMOVE the logo/images from the main listings page?

    The thing is, you guys have this setup like it’s to post jobs for different businesses as if the plugin’s primary goal is to maintain jobs for some kind of job posting website. The fact is, most people using this plugin will be applying it to one business’ website for their internal positions, so having a picture is really not usually necessary for most people (no one wants to find a stock image for every HR, Maintenance Supervisor, etc position that gets posted, and using the company logo for every image is redundant). You guys could get a lot more traction on this plugin if you would gear it towards business sites with internal position needs rather than aiming for the niche job posting sites where they’ll likely be using proprietary software for maintaining job listings to make them unique.

    Do you have any ideas why your code is destroying my whole layout?

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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