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    I have WordPress, PHP 4.3.10, and Apache 1.3.33 running on a Windows XP Pro box with a Semperon 2400, 768 megs ram, 2 x 150 gb SATA drives (RAID-0) and all MySQL queries are taking 5 seconds to perform. The amount of time is very consistent and doesn’t shorten or lengthen with time.

    When I type “show processlist;” in MySQL during a query where the system hangs, it shows “unauthenticated user” with the status of “login” and after the delay, it finally shows the user I created with the status of “sleep”.

    It seems as though there is a problem with WordPress connecting to MySQL. The only thing I did differently was create an account using the “oldpassword” command because a different blog software needed it that way. I tried to make a new user with the regular password and it wouldn’t connect – I assume WP needs “oldpassword” as well?

    Any help would be appreciated. By the way, I have Gallery running and it’s PHP only with no problems so it seems as though MySQL and these unauthorized login attempts are to blame. MySQL was installed expressly for WP and nothing else is using it. The WP table is about 2 megs right now with under 500 journal entries.

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  • Never mind, I’m stupid. I changed the DB_HOST string to my domain name instead of leaving it at “localhost”

    Once I put it back to localhost, restarted MySQL and logged in, everything was fine.

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