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  • Hey there!

    thanks a lot for the nice plugin – got a huge performance boost.
    However i have a problem with the size auf pep-vn cache folder.. after 2 days i have now over 20.000 js and 5000 css files..

    the size of the folder consumes all my webspace (80gb) and now i have to delete the files otherwise system doesn’t work anymore.

    is this the normal behaviour or am i doing something wrong?

    best regards from germany

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  • HUGE amount of BLOAT in the pep-vn cache folder! I even went into my site via FTP, deleted those files and they came back! SO NOT HAPPY!

    And apparently the plugin authors aren’t active on both their Google and FB page where they refer people. I’m sadly disappointed. This would be an AWESOME plugin if they get rid of that folder all together … in other words, delete that part of the code out of the plugin. Or create a way to ACTUALLY DELETE THE CACHE … not just set it aside into a bloated file that you cannot delete even via FTP.

    Plugin Author


    i’m very sorry about that, please uncheck follow these images &

    Thank you 🙂

    Thanks for the tip but I still have 15 blocking files in desktop and 17 blocking files in mobile …cache/pep-vn/static-files/… when I do the page speed testing 🙁

    Checking via FTP and there are now 42 files in the static-files folder alone 🙁

    doesn’t matter if “exclude inline CSS/Javascript” is checked or unchecked. The pep-vn folder inside the Cache folder keeps getting bigger 🙁

    Plugin Author


    number of files only remain stable (not increase) when the urls of the js & css files not change. Please check these uri (not change every time you query)

    Sorry guys! TOO MUCH BLOAT!!! Still having issues and well over 32,000 files and my auto backup wasn’t even done. UNCOOL!!

    When you figure out why it’s causing such a mess with all the bloat, maybe I’ll try it again. But until then … I’m out!

    i thing current version have error when point what content file to be cached…so that each visitors come to website, it create a new version of cache but not delete old cache. This don’t happen with old version 4.x.

    So wait find a way to fix that.(and please notice here if you’re done) In that time, i thing we back to old version 4.x

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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