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  • callmeforsox


    My cache directories under WordPress are getting huge. Especially the simple tag directory where LS will simply hang. I’m wondering if that has anything to do with my site spawning a ton of apache processes.

    Is there an automatic way of clearing this cache every few days?

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  • theapparatus



    You could probably write up a crontab comment to delete files within the subdirectory. Not sure what platform your using so I can’t give a specifc answer. Here’s a google search though to get you started.

    You may want to bounce this off your host by the way. Some hosts may have an issue with cron commands deleting files like that.



    I don’t think a crontab will cut it. I’m on my own dedi. A simple “rm” with verbose on the simpletags dir showed thousands of files being deleted every minute and it lasted around 30-45 minutes to complete.

    I disabled the default wordpress cache in wp-config and now my server is running stable. Before, apache would generate an insane amount of processes before crippling the server.

    Is this a wordpress object cache issue or a simpletags wordpress caching issue?

    (WordPress also had huge amounts of cache files, but not as many as simpletags which would generate thousands in seconds.)

    This problem is fixed with the latest releases no ?

    Has this been fixed in 2.3.2?

    I’m not sure, I’ve stopped using the wordpress cache. The only cache I use now is super cache. So far it’s been working fine.

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