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  • I would say be careful when it comes to “betting”. Make sure you are caught up on all the regulations for such a site.

    I am pretty sure that as long as he isn’t actually taking any money for bets, just giving links and advice…..that there are no regulations he has to worry about

    Thank you guys for your input so far. NickStagg is right, the site is only providing information and is targeted to geographical areas where sports betting is legal( for example United Kingdom).
    Other than the legalities, what is your impression about the appearance of the site ?

    Good job customizing the template.
    Are you planning on allowing comments? It would make it more interactive…
    If you plan on using Adsense though, make sure you read their TOS. I believe they don’t allow gambling-related sites.

    I know that is truth , however I have seen some other betting sites displaying Ad Sense so there might be a double standard or they might just tricked google somehow. Anyway that is not my intention, if they will not allow me that`s fine, I just do this because I like sports betting and sports, so I have fun doing it.
    As far as SEO goes any recommendations ?

    I know there’s always going to be sites that defy Adsense’s TOS. Like SE spammers that generate garbage files (and I’m not saying you are). But they risk getting their sites banned and their Adsense account revoked. It’s just not worth it… As you know, they’ve been cracking down on sites that violate their policies.
    Lots of people out there are fed up with spam and take the time to report spammers.
    It’s better to stay on the up and up. You’ll sleep better at night…
    As far as SEO, just follow Google’s webmaster guidelines. And keep finding new link partners.


Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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