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  • Some of our site pages take forever to load then fail with a curl error.
    A code trace shows that this is due to a check to see if ssl is active, and this returns true, when in fact we do not have ssl defined on our server.
    The problem appears to be in wp-admin/admin-ajax.php which uses https_local_ssl_verify which for some reason returns true. Not sure why, but this causes a 10 second wait before we get the curl error.

    I have been reading a lot about applying filters to set this to false, but am not exactly sure what to change, and if possible I would prefer to use a plugin or other method rather than modifying core WP files.

    Obviously a 10 second delay is causing a HUGE impact on anything that we do, but only (as far as I can see) when logged in as an administrator.

    Just wondering what the best method is to get around this.

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  • Following up on this problem, I have been investigating another error which appears when WP checks for updates. It seems that if Curl is active, WP assumes that the server has SSL.

    Our server DOES NOT have SSL active, which is possibly why these Curls are giving problems.

    I posted a new thread here related to the other problem, and I believe if the problem with WP assuming that SSL is active when Curl is active will fix our Curl timeouts as well.

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