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    Your plugin is not compatible with:


    This occurs sporadically. A page that was HTTPS suddenly becomes HTTP. This causes a dangerous situation because the website is suddenly without HTTPS protection and without notification. Only disabling the plugin and reenabling it temporarily fixes the problem. Tested on over 10 installations.

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    Considering how simple this plugin is, the issue might be the other way around. The Complianz plugin may have an issue that is affecting WordPress filters and webpage output. If you use a caching plugin or service, then the results might get cached and persist for more than just one page load. If you define the WP_DEBUG constant as true, you may find useful error or warning messages in the WordPress debug.log (Google WP_DEBUG for more info). The Query Monitor plugin may also provide useful information if/when an issue occurs.


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    We have opted out of your plug for now. Very interesting, but it just doesn’t work. After installing Really Simple SSL, everything is fine.

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