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    Just upgraded to wp 3.5 on an ssl secured site, and am experiencing a couple of problems. First it looks as if WP is stripping the https off the link tags in the header even when manually set. I’m guessing that for some reason is_ssl() is not returning true. Also wp-login.php is not working properly, it doesn’t seem to generate any password errors such as blank fields but merely refreshes the page. I’m assuming this is connected to the https issue. I’ve already tried reinstalling wp manually, any thoughts of what the conflict may be here or recommendations?

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  • It looks like the problem is with the is_ssl() function or with some part of the way wp determines whether the the url is secured in v3.5 versus v3.3. I gutted the is_ssl() function and returned it true which solves the issue however I don’t want to leave it that way and I’d like to get to the root of what is wrong. Can anyone give me any advice toward what could be the root problem?

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