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  • Can I use a php function to convert http:// to https:// ?

    Could it be problem with Facebook API?

    I hade to change the adresses to albums and photos, but I don’t think this is the right solution.

    public static function _clean_url( $url ) {
    return str_replace(‘’, ‘’, str_replace(‘http://photos’, ‘https://fbcdn-sphotos’, str_replace(‘http://sphotos’, ‘https://fbcdn-sphotos’, str_replace(‘&’, ‘&’, $url))));

    Plugin Author mglaman


    Hi sorry I haven’t been responsive – major projects going on at work – the plugin doesn’t retrieve https plugins because it is accessing the Facebook API. I wasn’t aware of this, I thought it always did https.

    Looking at the API it seems that you cannot retrieve https images unless authenticated with the API. By simply adding https isn’t working either, as its pulling from a non-secure CDN.

    My goal is to attempt a coding sprint to make this plugin authenticate with Facebook (by end user creating a Facebook app and copying their consumer secret/key.)

    If this is a feature you’d really like to see, I’ll do my best. A donation could be motivation as well to knock this out.

    Thanks for your plugin!

    You mean access token? yes indeed I have tried other plugins with tokens, they all work without any problems with HTTPS. But I just don’t want to modify the CSS to much (I don’t think I did that with your plugin).

    If you can make the plugin authenticated then it would be perfect! just make sure we still can choose albums or at least the pages that we administrate.

    Plugin Author mglaman


    I made a draft over the weekend, but things at work have picked up and I need to do a bit of debugging still.

    Right now the plugin will require you to create an app on Facebook & copy its App ID & Secret. Therefore it authenticates to you & anything you have access to (pages)

    Does this sound like it would suffice in your opinion?

    I only need the plugin to pull photos through HTTPS.

    Plugin Author mglaman


    Please update to 2.0 of the plugin. You’ll have to set up a Facebook app, but you can now resolve any secure connection issues.

    This is the only way to have Facebook return with secure connection images.


    is showing in front of photos.

    any fix?

    Besides some photos ares still not pulled from HTTPS.

    Plugin Author mglaman


    Try giving the plugin a re-install, or manually edit main plugin file and delete ‘echo $api_call’ from code, apparently that slipped by me.

    Are you using the plugin through a Facebook app? If so, then I’ll debug the HTTPS issue.

    It would be nice if you make an update to remove “/NNNNNNNNNNNNNNNN?fields=id,name,photos.limit(10).fields(source,link,images,name)”, if you release an update soon there is no reason for me to edit the plugin.

    Am am using Facebook app, the problem is that some photos doesn’t show up, and when using Firefox or Chrome HTTPS doesn’t work properly, dev-tools showing photos have HTTP-adresses.

    2.0.2: Photos still not from HTTPS:

    When I use Facebook app some thumbs doesn’t show up and others are from HTTP and not HTTPS.

Viewing 13 replies - 1 through 13 (of 13 total)
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