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  1. danncoba
    Posted 2 years ago #

    Ok here is the situation..... I have a complex search query that i need to send to another WP page. That all used to work. I use WP_Query for setting the query and i have about 13 , 14 meta_queries and one tax_query.......
    The problem i have is when i populate the form and click submit the HTTP Post request just keeps pending and in the end i get 503 server error.....
    Can some one halp

  2. danncoba
    Posted 2 years ago #

    Ok one more thing to add.
    Does WP_Query have optimal number of meta_queries and tax_queries that can support with no problem......
    I exactly have 17 meta_queries that have AND relation..... Couple of us looked at the code and we don't see any logical or other problem that could cause this...
    The only thing that i see that could be wrong is the WP_Query constrains or something like that....
    But please advise so i can fix this.....
    Thanks in advance

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