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  • Hello,

    I’m getting HTTP errors on media uploads after 4.5 update.

    Please fix that!!!!1

    Thank you

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  • I am also having the same problem, I went back to the previous version. Waiting for an update.

    I think this is a server problem.
    Just rename and upload the file.


    Never had it before :). Nothing wrong with server..
    Sick about reupload it twice..

    Please fix that!!

    Naveen Kumar C his response was unhappy, an experienced WordPress user knows very well that this happens sometimes, but it’s not the problem we face, tried other solutions, but without success

    you have to reduce the resolution of the image. This error came for Big image size ( ie: width and height ). Once resize the image and upload it.

    Naveen Kumar C, I’m sorry, but do not come with these simple answers, do not you read my comment that the previous version is funcinando normally. In my case I returned to it after the update, I am in great project can not stop.


    I’m using same size images as daily use before it.
    i don’t want to reduce size!. It happen with all kind of image size from xx kb…to 2/3 Mb.

    Please fix it!!

    Nicorel, I spoke to the staff of my host and they found the error, it might work for you too.

    Make sure that the code SetEnv MAGICK_THREAD_LIMIT 1
    is adedd in to the .htaccess file
    This is the code that will fix the error

    If it works let me know!


    Thank you but isn’t working for me.

    WordPress..please fix it!!


    Some of media files i have to upload it twice or tree times in order to success.
    No rename nedded.

    Thank you

    Please fix IT!!!!

    Have you followed basic WordPress troubleshooting procedure?

    Disable all plugins and use a default WordPress theme.
    Do uploads work now? Great. It means WordPress is working fine.
    If things aren’t working as expected then there may be a server configuration issue or perhaps the WP 4.5 update didn’t complete successfully. You can try and see if that fixes it. Otherwise its time to contact your hosting for support.

    Now if everything is working based on the previous step, enable your theme and try uploading media.

    Does it work correctly? If yes, great. If not, contact the theme developer for support as the issue is likely the theme.

    Now if everything is working correctly with themes, it’s time to test plugins.

    Enable one plugin and test it one at a time – if everything works, move on to the next plugin and enable it. Once you see issues, note which plugin you last enabled and contact the plugin developer for support.

    At the end of this process you’ll have figured out what is the culprit behind the media upload issue. Most likely it isn’t WordPress core – it’s either a server configuration issue, a theme that hasn’t been updated to support 4.5, or a plugin that also hasn’t been updated to support 4.5.

    Is this a problem you are having on an SSL-encrypted site, with a mixed content error showing? Or is this a different problem? What is the specific error you are receiving?

    I was having image problems on many sites, as well as numerous other problems, since updating. Rebuilding Apache on my server (a WHM/Cpanel server running CentOS 7.2) fixed all my issues.


    tested : all pluginns disable …issue still remain.

    tested: all plugin off and change teme to twenty sixteen ….issue still remain!!

    How to rebuilt Apache on my server using my cpanel?

    Until then: wordpress please fix issue!!

    Thank you,


    I already try:
    make a back up
    to disable all my plugins
    reinstall wordpress 4.5

    My speccific issue:
    Upload a file no mater what size is..and get fail with “HTTP error” messages. Upload it again…ussualy work. Upload it twice…it working 100%. This is happened for about 10% of media files i uploaded.
    Somehow..after i’m refreshing media library…fail files (corupted ones) are there…but no preview for them…and i have to remove it from media library.

    Issue is still there..:(

    Thank you

    I’m also having the same issue Nicos. Just out of curiosity, who is your site hosted with?

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