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    We’re getting a “HTTP Error” when using the Flash Media Uploader to upload MP3 files, but don’t get the error for JPG, txt, PNG, or PDF. I tried the mod_security rules as suggested by other threads, but they didn’t have any effect. Anyone run into this before, or have suggestions for what we should try next?

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  • We’ve made a bit of progress. As it turns out, the error is related to the size of the files, not the type. The MP3 file I was uploading was about 7 MB.

    I think it’s also relevant to note that we recently disabled SuPHP. Uploading worked fine when it was enabled, but we’ve had to disable it for performance issues.

    It took me too long, but I finally figured this out. nginx was rejecting files over a given file size.

    We’re on Slicehost and have nginx running in front of Apache to serve media files. I knew all of my file size settings were correct in Apache and PHP but, as it turns out, nginx limits POST requests to something like 1 MB unless you explicitly specify otherwise in the conf file. There’s a nice thread that shows you what to add and where. Adding this and restarting nginx solved our problem perfectly.

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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