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  1. Nicole Parks
    Posted 3 years ago #

    I've searched through the forum but haven't found any threads on this topic that are (a) recent and/or (b) have solutions I am able to do. I don't know much about code or anything.

    But here's the deal: I'm trying to upload a video file (I've uploaded this same video file but I needed to delete the old one and re-upload), and it will progress as per usual until it gets to 100%. Now, normally at this point, that progress bar should go from saying 100% to "Crunching." Instead, it keeps saying 100% and at the top, a long red bar saying "HTTP error" shows up. There's no way to finish or click "Done" or anything. The only thing I know to do is refresh the page and lose the upload and start all over again, always ending with the same result.

    I've tried uploading directly to my FTP with my hosting company's website, but their limit is 150 MB and my video file is bigger than that.

    Help, anyone??


  2. vtthanh
    Posted 2 years ago #

    With apache:

    increase max_upload_limit = 64M;

    With Nginx:


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