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    Hey all,

    Sorry if there have been any duplicate discussions on this, but none of them seem answered regarding my situation. I just recently upgraded to 3.3.2 and started seeing “HTTP Error” issues when uploading photos (usually happens on larger files, e.g. > 4-5MB, but not always; consequently, it mostly works fine on smaller images, but not always…). I’ve troubleshooted with my host over resource usage, size limits, etc. and we do no believe it’s that. It is also not a plugin conflict as I deleted all plugins for this test. In addition, this was done on a fresh install of WordPress.

    Anyone have any similar issues recently?


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    Ask your hosts if your domain is set to use PHP as FastCGI or an Apache Module. FastCGI will cause upload errors.

    What method are you dealing with???

    The new method of drag or drop
    The upload one.. with that browse sort of.

    I’ll ask my host about how PHP is set.

    The error is present on either method. The drag and drop screen shows the actual wording “HTTP Error” while the browser type just gives a 500 internal error page, I believe.




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    You might also want to ask your hosts about mod-security as that’s an Apache module that tends to cause HTTP errors on uploads.

    Just to close this issue out, after a few back and forths with them, they decided to try and increase the script processing time limit on my account to ~50 seconds, which worked. I do not get the “HTTP Error” message anymore. I’m not sure if that was 100% the problem, but it’s working now!


Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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